We are your West Michigan Experts in Electrical System Reliability and Testing.

Our goal for our customers is 100% uptime. This can only be accomplished with an effective preventative maintenance plan. Our technicians have over 30 years of training, expertise and experience in the field. Our commitment is to provide a safe, efficient and reliable electrical system.


  • Acceptance Testing of New Electrical Installations
  • Maintenance Testing of Existing Electrical Installations
  • Breaker Testing
  • Cable Testing
  • Medium Voltage Switchgear Testing
  • Distribution Electrical Equipment Testing
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Ground Testing
  • Transformer Testing
  • Doble Testing
  • Power Factor Testing
  • Partial Online Discharge Testing
  • Dissolved gas and oil screen analysis
  • Transformer Fluid Retro Filling
  • Turns Ratio Testing
  • PCB Analysis
  • Protective Relay Testing
  • Power Factor Testing
  • Secondary injection testing
  • Breaker Modernization and Service
  • AC Pro Retrofit
  • Substation Maintenance / Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Surge Protection
  • Phase Loss Protection
  • Ground Fault Protection System Testing per NEC 230.95C Requirements


  • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
  • Short Circuit and Coordination Studies
  • Electrical One Line Development
  • Arc Flash Mitigation Consulting
  • NFPA70E Arc Flash Training
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Load Demand Studies
  • Harmonics Analysis
  • Energy Rebate Metering


  • Infrared and Visual Inspections
  • Transformer Fluid Analysis


  • Medium Voltage Primary Repairs
  • Substation Repairs
  • Transformer Repairs – On Site or Off site
  • Breaker Repairs
  • Medium Voltage Cable Splicing
  • Medium Voltage Switch Repairs
  • Stocked Pad Mount Transformers
  • Stocked Medium Voltage Switches

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