Our technicians are more than capable of fixing any problems and tackling every challenge. Of course, we can also perform state of the art diagnostics, too. With Buist, we can test, diagnose, and fix transformers, switchgear, panels, power issues, and more.

  • Testing Services

    Ground resistance. Transformer turns ratio. Primary injection breaker. High potential (hipot). Protective relay. Insulation resistance.

  • Additional Services

    Acceptance & maintenance testing. Infrared inspections. Transformer dielectric fluid sampling and analysis testing. Transformer testing and inspections. Transformer repairs – onsite or offsite. Protective relay testing. Power Factor testing. Medium voltage cable testing. Low voltage cable testing. Circuit breaker testing, maintenance and repair. Circuit breaker retrofitting. Automatic transfer switch testing. Motor testing. Power quality metering and analysis. Load study reports. Ground testing and inspections. Preventative maintenance programs.

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