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Buist Automation provides integrated and reliable Building Automation Systems. Buist will integrate your HVAC, electrical, lighting, access control, security, video equipment, and other systems your building utilizes. Through Building Automation Systems, Buist will help your company reduce energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs, improve productivity, and bring ease of use to your many building capabilities.

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HVAC Control

HVAC Control

The industry is changing. HVAC controls are becoming more complex and have moved into the digital age of IP based IoT systems. Buist, with our team of controls engineers, mechanical engineers, network specialists, and electricians, is uniquely positioned to design, install, and support your HVAC control system. We can provide fully integrated solutions ranging from simple application control to complex large-scale systems.

Expertise in the design and installation of Building Automation Systems

Temperature and environmental control

(6) Niagara certified engineers on staff

Energy Monitoring

Let us help you select, install, and maintain meters that will effectively measure active power, apparent power, reactive power, and more. Collect, monitor, and understand your energy utilization to make informed critical business decisions.

Reduce operational costs

Control and understand real time energy consumption

Identify opportunities for energy savings

Identify and record power anomalies

Lighting Control

Buist Automation will bring innovative lighting solutions to your commercial buildings and spaces. The Buist team and our lighting vendors will work along side you to help you design and support your facilities lighting system.

Wireless control

Distributed network control

Lighting calculations


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