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At Buist we understand the ever increasing importance of integrating all building systems. We design, install, service, and support the seamless solutions your company needs in order to function efficiently and effectively. We partner with the industry’s leading Physical Security equipment manufacturers to ensure top of the line systems you can trust.

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Access Control

Access Control

Buist has unique and diverse access control solutions to best fit the needs of your employees. Whether your needs require simple card reader access, or require complete administrative control, we have you covered.

Protect your people, assets, technology, and space


Cloud-based software and storage

Receive real time email and text notifications when alarms are received


Video Surveillance

Our cutting edge video surveillance systems are designed to protect your assets while keeping your people and property secure. Let us help you identify the cameras and video surveillance methods that meet your unique needs. 

Image detail and resolution

Artificial Intelligence systems that detect vehicles, license plates (LPR), faces, and people

Work with our team of experts to determine what you need to cover

Ease of use and seamless integrations

Production monitoring

Video Management

Looking for your next video management solution? We will help you identify the best systems and storage method options.

Simple, secure, and scalable storage options that are local, network, and/or cloud-based

Capture, record, review, and analyze surveillance video

Smart systems that organize and compartmentalize your information

Incorporate Artificial Intelligence capabilities from legacy devices


Revolutionize the security of your company. Together, we will work to integrate your company’s technologies and products into one seamless and user-friendly system.

Better utilize the systems you already have

Connectivity that expands with your company

Other Solutions

Not yet seeing the immediate equipment or solution that fits your needs? Contact our experienced Physical Security group today to get in touch with an expert! We will work with you to create a custom solution that best meets your unique needs.

Emergency call stations

Visitor management

Environmental detection sensors


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