About The Foundation

The Buist Foundation exists to serve, from a Christian perspective, the needs of those that find themselves in a difficult position financially. Our clients need help with house payments, rent, insurance, utilities, food, clothing, medical bills, medicine, auto repairs and much more. This foundation is unique in its ability to provide immediate assistance when necessary.

Case Management

The Buist Foundation employs 1 part time case manager. Wages are donated by Buist Electric. The case manager does initial assessments of all requests that come to the Foundation. Through these assessments, requests for assistance are approved or denied by the board of The Buist Foundation. Each client receives ongoing case management as long as it is deemed necessary. This is a free service provided by the Buist Foundation.


The Buist Foundation receives its operating funds from various sources:

  • Buist Electric employee contributions
  • Buist Electric match of employee contributions
  • Buist Electric scrap copper (All scrap copper that would normally be thrown away is recycled for cash)
  • Unsolicited donations

The Foundation has been very blessed with the generous donations of Buist Electric employees and its other funding sources.

The Foundation Board

The board of the Buist Foundation is made up of Buist Electric Employees and the paid case manager. Board members receive no compensation for their service. The Board meets monthly to:

  • Evaluate ongoing and new clients
  • Review financial activity
  • Review new correspondence
  • Review general request for assistance made by other charitable organizations

Registered 501c (3)

The Buist Foundation is registered with the I.R.S. as a 501c (3) Non-Profit Organization. All gifts made to the Buist Foundation are considered deductible for tax purposes.

Additional Information

For additional information, please contact Buist Electric at (616) 878-3315 and request to speak with a member of the Buist Foundation board.