Buist Electric COVID-19 Statement

Buist Electric

Statement Regarding COVID-19

At Buist Electric we care deeply about the health and well-being of our team members, customers, partners and the community.  We are closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19 and are committed to keeping people safe and healthy.  One of our core values of “Service to Others” has extended directly into how we address this current pandemic and drives the decisions we make related to it.

I want to personally share the steps we are taking to maintain a healthy environment for those we interact with and those we share our spaces with.

  • We take pride in the cleanliness of our facilities and all spaces our employees work in. In additional to our regular cleaning schedule we have implemented new disinfecting protocols.
  • We are committed to ensuring our team members are well informed about the necessary precautions to keep them healthy, including more frequent hand washing and staying home if they are not feeling well, and practicing social distancing.
  • In accordance with both CDC and community health department guidance we have quarantine and notification procedures in place if team members are impacted directly by the virus.
  • As the situation evolves, Buist Electric will implement additional preventative measures to ensure team members, customers, partners and community member well-being. These measures could impact staffing, but we will continue to do everything we can to provide our exceptional services and support that people have come to expect from our company.

If you have questions about our protocols for addressing this situation, I encourage you to contact me or another member of our leadership team.

bbrinks@buistelectric.com - 616-878-3315

Thank you,

Brent Brinks - President


For more information on what Spectrum Health is recommending, please kindly see below.