When you’re ready to embark on a New Construction project, you can count on Buist Electric to lead every aspect of electrical design. We understand that every new construction opportunity is a chance to show up every single day ready to work for you.


With Buist Electric on the job, you’re guaranteed to have industry experts at every point along the way. We recognize the clear benefit in having skilled leaders who can manage teams, projects, and daily installation tasks on every new construction job. Buist approaches every one of these projects with technical expertise, design vision, and skilled competency.

Team Approach

Buist is an industry leader when it comes to teamwork. We partner with General Contractors and End Users from start to finish, providing a single source solution for any and all Electrical Construction needs.

Project Management Experience

A good team is only as good as the experience they bring to the table. We have over 27 full-time, dedicated, and passionate Project Managers with more than five hundred years of combined team experience. 

Estimating Capacity

One thing we’ve learned along the way is how to assist every interested party long before installation and construction begins. Estimation is part of this process. Buist has five full time estimators and an average of 25 years of experience to ensure we’re ready and available to help from the very, very beginning.

Bonding Capacity

Bonding capacity is credibility. We have the capacity to be bonded up to $30 million dollars per individual project and $75 million dollars overall. 


Consistently LOW EMR rating, year over year. Toolbox Talks, Safety Visits, and more ensure –Buist places a high emphasis on these things.


15,000 square feet of dedicated space. Adding to our efficiency and the ability to save time while we build off-site.

Open Book Policy

We’re proud of the integrity we operate with and the relationships we’ve built over many, many years. That’s why we continue to provide a level of transparency that is unmatched within this industry. Our hope is to be your trusted source for all projects. 

Tools & Equipment

What can we say? We understand the importance of having the best tools to get the job done. And, if you need a tool or piece of equipment that we don’t have, we’ll get it for you. Our electricians are always equipped with the most reliable, specific, and trusted tools for each project.


We’re thrilled to show you our work.

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