Medium Voltage is a high priority.

We know it takes smart and aware technicians to work with all voltage situations. Of course, there are several specific procedures for Medium Voltage installations, too. You can trust that with Buist, the integrity of your system will be exceptionally maintained.


Buist Electric’s Medium-Voltage team carefully handles all cabling, electrical distribution equipment, and conduit systems from concept to completion.

  • Medium-voltage system consultation and design

  • Overhead primary cable installations

  • Underground primary cable installations

  • 24 hour Emergency Repairs

  • Emergency High-Voltage Repair Trailer

  • Primary Conversions from Utility to Customer owned

  • Primary Cable locating

  • Mapping of existing primary cabling

  • Primary System Preventative Testing and Inspections

  • Annual maintenance contract or 3 year contracts are available

  • HiPot Cable Testing

  • Primary cable and splices in stock to meet the emergency needs of our customer base

  • We stock transformers in our yard to meet the emergency needs of our customer base

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