Experts In Automation And Controls

At Buist Automation we’re relentlessly pursuing the very best of design implementation and maintenance of automated systems. Our team is fully equipped to help you select proper sensors, maintain equipment, design a completely new system, or even retrofit existing equipment. Our solutions can be found across Michigan and the Midwest in global corporations as well as local and small businesses.

Automation Services That We Provide

With over 2o years of collective automation experience, you can rest assured that we have the ability to properly automate your equipment, set up data reports of your operations, provide effective interfaces with your business systems, and provide efficient and timely emergency service when the need presents itself.

Building Management Systems

We take great care to build and develop with the end goals in mind. In this way, we’re able to create entire management systems capable of sustained growth, innovation, and maintenance. 


Buist Automation depends on advanced, accurate drawings and documentation when crafting your design, scheduling your installation, or working on any piece of your machine control system. Highly experienced and certified designers are always a vital part of the automation, prototype, and installation process at Buist.

Emergency Service

It is a reality that things break down over time –but that shouldn’t stop you from moving forward. With Buist, you can rest easy knowing that we have 24/7 response teams ready to go in the event you experience any emergency need. 


We understand the need to always be exploring the vast industries of Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and SCADA development. We’re glad to say that Buist is on the cutting edge of development in industrial manufacturing applications such as these.

Industrial IT

We specialize in designing and deploying extensive industrial networks. Our team of engineers consistently create high-functioning, beautiful IT systems. 

Machine Control

The chances are, right now, Buist is successfully completing another client manufacturing line project or commissioning in one of your sectors including manufacturing, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, or the consumer product sector.


Buist has commissioned and developed a comprehensive variety of PLC and DCS control platforms for all sorts of different goals and processes. Our engineers systematically work with PIDs, IEC 1131, and leading algorithms. From simulation to startup to interfacing to databases, we’ve got you covered.


We’re experts at connecting on-the-floor data with MES, MRP, and ERP systems. We understand how critical it is to plan ahead with up-to-date, comprehensive data that safely works with all your systems.

Markets Where We Provide Automation Systems

Our aim and hope is to be both innovative and trustworthy. We’re always keeping an eye on market focus, but never losing sight of product focus, either. We believe this approach allows us to move into the future of Automation while building incredible client partnerships as we go.

Consumer Products

In the Consumer Product market, you want to know that our Automation team is not just excellent at providing solutions, but we’re also dedicated to researching insights, trends, and data in order to help us all know our consumer. We have applied this knowledge the benefit of a wide variety of clients, and we’re happy to help you, too.

Food & Beverage

Buist Automation has extensive, essential, and strategic experience in the manufacturing and packaging of food and beverage products. We know that this market requires a unique understanding of consumer product need in regard to everything from cereal to soda. 


The Manufacturing market is a challenging one, and Buist is happy to be have a long history of successfully seeing many clients complete a variety of projects over the years. Indeed, our Automation team continues to raise the standard, discover new ways to implement new technologies, and help you achieve your manufacturing goals.


Buist supplies automation development and solutions to some of the most influential pharmaceutical companies. As such, gaining experience in the automation and validation of pharmaceutical processes and packaging line control systems continues to help us navigate the ever expanding Pharmaceutical Market.

Automation Platforms

Buist is proud to maintain vendor independence, though we continue to have great partnerships with a variety of platform and content providers, too. You can confidently move forward knowing that we’re always exploring, researching, and developing a variety of platforms and systems. With our unmatched experience in the development and deployment of solutions, we’re able to implement new technologies alongside our longstanding values. 

Industrial IT

  • Cisco: Catalyst, Industrial Ethernet
  • Dell: PowerEdge VRTX, VAR
  • Liebert: AC Power & UPS
  • Microsoft: Exchange, Hyper-V, Server, SQL, VB
  • VMware: ESX, ESXi, vCenter, vSphere, Virtual SAN
  • Allen Bradley Stratix
  • Hirschmann

Machine Vision

  • Cognex: DataMan, In-Sight, VisionPro
  • Datalogic: DataVS2, P/A/T, MX / MX-U Series
  • Keyence: CV-X100/X200, CV Series, XG Series
  • Banner:


  • Allen-Bradley: Controllogix, Micrologix, PLC, SLC
  • General Electric: 90-30, 90-70, PACSystems
  • Siemens: S5, S7


  • Siemens
  • General Electric: Intellution, Proficy iFix
  • Rockwell Software: RSView32, FactoryTalk View
  • Schneider Electric: Wonderware
  • Inductive Automation
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